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27 april 2012
SLV “Titan” was delivered.

Russian company “Transneft-Service” had ordered an SLV which is soon to be delivered to its home port.

SLV “Titan” has double-hull and double bottom bulkheads. The 1700 DWT tanker with cargo capacity of 850 tons is a real roadstead floating refinement plant.

Ships like “Titan” are universal – they can equally successful in serving as tankers, SLVs, and refuellers. The new ship was launched on a floating dock.

Technical information on SLV “Titan”:
• Height: 5.5 m
• Beam: 52.4 m
• Tonnage: 1780 cub. m
• Draught: 4.0 m

16 of February 2011, at “Craneship” shipyard was laid the keel for SLV “Titan”.

The new ship was launched on 15 of November 2011.