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28 march 2013
Andrey Ivanov: “the man of the year in sea transportation”.

The sixth awarding ceremony of “National Marine Rating of Ukraine” was held on March 28 in Odessa. The polls of 72 experts showed three leaders in the competition:

First place: Yuriy Vaskov Director of Odessa Marine Trade Port

Second place: CEO of “Nibulon” Alexei Vadaturskiy

Third place: the director of marine and river transportation department of Ministry of Infrastructure, Vladimir Sevryukov and the director of «Transship» group of companies Andrey Ivanov.

The experts chose Ivanov due to his “coherent and active counteraction to bureaucratic chaos, corruption, lawlessness”. “It is a merit of his that the roadstead transportation industry capacities grow, and «Transship» leads the way for many other market players” – the experts noted.