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5 october 2012
Bulker “Floriana” officially and solemnly delivered.

“Floriana” is the second bulker, built in Korea exclusively for «Transship». The first ship was “Zina”. The advantage of these two ships is their top-notch equipment: Korean (on European licenses) and Japanese-made.

Technical information on “Floriana” bulker:
• Length: 181 m.
• Beam: 30 m.
• Height: 14.8 m.

The ship can truly boast its fuel economy: with the speed of 14 knots, the daily fuel consumption is just 26 tons (IFO 380). “Floriana” is equipped with 4 loading cranes, with 30 tons of capacity each, and boom lengths of 24 m. “Floriana” fully complies with all global ecological standards, including Annex VI to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL), as well as rule 13.4.

South-Korean (Tongyeong-based) shipyard “21st Century Shipbuilding” saw the launch of the 34000 DWT “Floriana” ship.