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27 april 2011
“Leopard” tugboat delivered to orderer.

“Craneship” shipyard’s new marine tug on project TUG 60LA sets new standards in its class. The vessel was purchased by the Russian “Transneft-Service” LLC. “Leopard” is a multipurpose tugboat class I x HULL x MACH Escort tug Fire-fighting 1 Unrestricted navigation x AUT-UMS; Ice class IB.

Technical information on the “Leopard” tug:
• Power: 5070 h.p.
• Length: 30.87 m.
• Beam: 11.60 m.
• Draught: 4.30 m.
• Forward bollard pull: 58.0 t.
• Backward bollard pull: 50.0 t.
• Escort mode bollard pull: 93.60 t.