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16 july 2010
New “Jaguar” tug delivered to client.

Multipurpose “Jaguar” tug on project TUG60L by “Craneship” shipyard has been purchased by the Russian “Transneft-Service” LLC.

Escort-class tugboat KM (*) Arc4 R1 AUT 1 FF3WS Escort tug.

Technical information on the “Jaguar” tug:
• Power: 5070 h.p.
• Length: 30.87 m.
• Beam: 11.2 m.
• Draught: 4.50 m.
• Forward bollard pull: 68.5 t.
• Backward bollard pull: 66.26 t.
• Escort mode bollard pull: 81.50 t.

The ship has been built under the supervision of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

May 26, 2009 keel laid for new “Craneship” tug “Jaguar”.

November 18, 2009 "Jaguar" was launched.