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23 november 2017
Participation in III International Conference "Grain Terminals"

Transship group of companies took part in the annual International Conference "Grain Terminals: new projects, equipment and technologies" organized by the publishing house "Ports of Ukraine". The conference participants focused on issues related to the development of terminal facilities, increase of competitiveness and efficiency of grain terminals at the planning, constructional and operational stages.

During the conference of the Conference, Transship, together with the Swiss company SoftComodity Trading, presented a fundamentally new approach of the roadstead transshipment: a joint project of transshipment into Panamax-type vessels outside 12 nautical miles zone with cargo coming from from the shallow-water ports of Ukraine. This allows to solve several problems: eliminating the costs of dredging in ports with shallow depths, a significant reduction in the cost of transshipment services, as well as the possibility of grain shipping from any port of the Dnipro and Danube rivers competitevly to the deep-water seaports. The fleet of the Transship company allows to carry out the loading of Panamax-type vessel on the roadstead with a high gross norm, surpassing the quality and speed of the service provided in the ports.

Ports of Ukraine №10 (172), December 2017