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25 march 2009
“Puma” and “Tiger” “Craneship” tugs delivered to client.

“Craneship” has delivered its two latest tugs: “Puma” and “Tiger”. Both tugs are KM (*) Ice3 [1] R1 AUT 1 FF3WS Tug.

These two tugs are the first “Craneship” tugs equipped with steerable propellers.

The ships are being built in project Tug 40.

Technical information on the “Puma” and “Tiger” tugs:
• Power: 3345 h.p.
• Length: 27.2 m
• Beam: 9.8 m
• Draught: 4.16 m

16.01.2008 keels laid for “Puma” and “Tiger” tugs by “Craneship”.

25.10.2008 tugs was launched.