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18 february 2012
«Transship» has become the haulage contractor for a top-notch transshipment complex “Bulk Kremi 1”.

The transshipment complex has been built on a 14,5 DWT barge and includes two bunkers, cargo-lifting beltlines of an overall length of 160 m., and a loader with three degrees of freedom: turn, spread and tilt.

The transshipment complex is designed to serve Handysize and Panamax ships up to 80,000 DWT. The cargo capacity of the complex is 11500 tons, which allows avoiding inland water ship stoppages in case the sea ship is absent. As the sea ship comes by, the unloading of river ship is conducted directly; the three degrees of freedom allow equal and steady loading of the holds, with no time spent on cargo stowing. When the river boat is not around, the loading can be done from the stored capacities. That allows avoiding sea ship stoppages and increases the loading rate. The quality assurance system is certified in compliance with ISO 14001: 2004 and EMAS.

Technical information on “Bulk Kremi 1” transshipment complex:
• Length: 121.93 m.
• Beam: 30.48 m.
• Height: 6.0 m.
• Maximum boom length: up to 30 m.
• Maximum boom angle: 50
• Capacity: 750 t./hour