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1 march 2005
“Atlas-1” marine non-propelled floating crane delivered.


The main function of this floating crane is to conduct board-to board transshipment operations on “marine-river” ships and bulkers. “Atlas-1” will soon head for Kerch Strait, where it will be put to operation by the client – a Panama-based company “Kirgan Holding S.A.”. The project was designed by “Coral” engineering bureau, while the finishing construction operations were conducted by Sevastopol marine plant. The special feature of the “Atlas-1” marine non-propelled floating crane is the possibility to operate in open seas in weather conditions like storms up to 4 on Beaufort Scale and wind speed of 20-25 m./sec.

The daily capacity of the floating crane is 14,000 tons. Both the contractor and the customer are satisfied with how the project worked out – all the tasks were conducted with great timing and quality.

Sevastopol shipbuilding professionals again proof their great expertise and the capability of creating top-notch products for the dynamic marine industry. Andrey Ivanov, the director of “Kirgan Holding S.A.” said: “this is not our first experience of working together: we’ve already repaired a dozen ships together. However, this floating crane is our first. The necessity of supporting the shipbuilding industry is obvious at the government circles. A respective law, although in somewhat ‘shrunk’ volume, will stay in power until 2012.”